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Why Choose Urban Developments?


Committed to Achieving the Highest Standards of Construction


At every stage, our expanding team of 14, plus the specialist subcontractors, give their full to your project. Known for our courteous and professional service  to our clients, we consider ourselves above standard. Confidence in approach and delivery of quality, yes! Without these traits, how are we supposed to progress and stay a cut above the rest? We like to think we stand out for all the right reasons and are committed to achieving the highest standards in construction, finish, communication and service.  This is why we have spent a great deal of time sourcing trusted and reliable tradesmen. We are committed to our team who are key to our success. Out of context, I would be lost without just one of them.  We choose them wisely.


Completely Reliable Builders Based in Gosport Hampshire

We believe in a modern and professional approach to building techniques and fabrications. We treat every client as if you're our only  project. Therefore you will feel your project is given the right attention ensuring its seen right through to completion without frustrating gaps.


Please take the time to browse through our website with its testimonials and project pages as we have quite a few photographs of our current and past building projects.

Client Responsibilities

When you look to choose your building firm to complete your project, you must ensure you tick all the right boxes. Every day we hear the horror stories of 'cowboy' builders, either via the media or from our clients previous experiences. Have a look at the checklist prepared below and ensure that you follow these guidelines. You should then be left with a short list of quality builders you can choose from. There are quite a few out there but you do need to do your homework. Most of all though, be prepared to wait. The market for quality builders is strong and there are time delays before work can commence.


  • How long have the builders been in service? Check Companies House for bankruptcy and how many times they have been bankrupt as this can happen several times.

  • Are they affiliated a to quality building organisation? Not just the couple of hundred pound subscription per annum type, where you can get your friends to write references to boost your ratings, proper National standing organisations that every couple of years visit your work to assess if your competent enough for their books. Who give you all the relevant updates associated with your field and provide all the support you need should you require specialist services.

  • Inspect their contract. Do not proceed without one. We use the FMB contract, however there are many generic contracts available. JCT contracts are common also. Get those payment terms sorted before you start. You never need to pay a deposit. All builders should have accounts and a 28 day Leigh way on payments. Builders should only charge for labour and materials delivered or ordered to the current date. If they don't have an account, get suspicious!

  • References. Visit at least a current project, one in the last 6 months completed and maybe a verbal chat on the phone to another. If you can, choose the project you wish to visit from their portfolio.

  • Make sure you can have a professional relationship with your builder. They will be 'living' with you for longer than you have spent with the inlaws!!

  • Most importantly, don't rush your decision to choose your builder. Less speed, more haste.

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