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We love refurbishments and complete renovations. Taking a tired property and completely transforming it into a perfect living space for future generations. If you find yourself looking at purchasing or inheriting a run down property, why not give us a call so we can pass on our expertise and experiences and help you make the right decision moving forwards.

Major Renovation and Front & Rear Extension

Removal of the Roof and Increasing the 1st Floor Footprint

We are really excited about this project, we have been asked to remove the roof off this chalet, add a full first storey and to put a new roof on. We are also adding a front and rear single storey extension with a big rear patio finishing with a new driveway.

There’s a few challenges on this project the biggest is the sloping rear garden meaning lots of soil has to be removed and a lot of concrete to go in! We are sure this Project is going to look incredible!

Renovation, Gosport

Our Customers wanted a fresh new look to the home they grew up in as children! New windows, Kitchen & Bathroom with a small knock through to open up the kitchen/dining room has given this house a new lease of life! We have very satisfied customers who were ecstatic with our project management especially as they lived overseas and had to place their trust in us and our communication skills.

Partial Demolition and Full Renovation with Single Storey Extension and Double Dormer

What a treat! Our own development. Bought at auction with no ability to view internally. We expected the worst and quite frankly, it was just that! Great to see this pre war home, untouched since the 60s, come back to life. The audience from the neighbours we get on the daily school run is heart warming. They are very grateful the property is being cared for at last.

Extension and Full Refurbishment, Stubbington

Here we have a tired bungalow in a fantastic location ready for us to add a large double storey extension to the rear with full height ground to roof glazing. The new roof and first floor are reconfigured to accept additional first floor space. Plenty of steel work within, en-suite, kitchen etc to finish.

Full Renovation to a Detached Property, Fareham

Here we are installing a dozen steels throughout to reshape the windows/doors and living areas. New everything basically. Windows, doors, bathrooms, kitchen etc etc. On top of that, the roof is removed and reshaped. Cedral weatherboard on the external upper level and K-rend to the lower. New drive and garage to boot. Smashing!

Structural & Dormers to Converted Bungalow, Catisfield, Hampshire

This project entails some varied internal structural work to open up the dining area to the kitchen. A new concealed doorway to the living room and fabulous aluminium folding doors to the rear. Including the construction of two dormers to the roof in place of the original Velux windows. A complete overhaul really. The kitchen was courtesy of Controlled Interiors of Fareham.

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