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Listed Work

Owning a listed property can often be a daunting process. When choosing your building partner, you must ensure they know the correct regulations and processes involved to ensure building control compliance. At Urban Developments, we have a solid understanding of these processes and procedures and will be the perfect partner to ensure your listed period property is looking as it should and as you want it.

Oak Framed Double Garage & Block Paved area, Gosport, Hampshire

This job required the area to be completely levelled and free of all foliage. We then build a base to take an oak framed garage with soak away. While were at it we will complete a block paved turning area removing a dilapidated existing garage and rebuild the front to match the existing listed wall including a couple of gates to measure. The beauty of this job is the conservation stamp we have to follow, matching mortars and bespoke heavy duty gates with old style ironmongery.

Listed Roof Strip, Titchfield, Fareham, Hampshire

Here we are stripping the original clay peg tiles from this listed building, providing a breather membrane and relaying the tiles with all new lead work. Using a lime based mortar. Although we do not need to invlove Conservation as we are replacing like for like but we requested their services (free of charge) so as to ensure what we do is complementary to the property as we did encounter certain issues.

Believe it or not some local roofers wouldn't touch this roof as it was listed with many complications. Quite frankly I'm pleased as two of our lads are from roofing backgrounds and the rest of us were able to offer other valuable abilities. This gave the ability to look at this project from its heart as apposed to just its worth. Yeah, it was hard work, monotonous and damn freezing on some days, but it cant be a challange without any of those factors! We're dead proud of the result and the local coffee shop did well out of us too! Apologies to the residents who couldn't park their cars for longer than anticipated!