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Double Story Extensions

A Double story extension can add significant floor space and value to your property. Whether it is replacing an existing footprint of a conservatory, or creating an open living space with an extra bedroom, Urban Developments are your perfect partner to help achieve your dreams.

Double Storey Extension, Alverstoke

Another lovely job on the same street as below, this project is going to keep our carpenters busy for a while! Timber frame extension over an existing single storey was finished with black larch cladding, which we absolutely love!

Double Storey Extension, Alverstoke

Another big double storey extension in Alverstoke, Gosport. A small rebuild and re-roofing of the adjacent garage and major drainage upgrade before our excellent team begin the task of creating the foundations and block work to this lovely project!

This property will soon benefit from a big space upgrade and we can't wait to see what it looks like!

Double Extension and Major Refurb. Rainwater Harvesting, PV panels, Log Burner, Whitely.

This kept us on our toes! The eco friendly characteristics of this build are quite exciting. Nothing we can't handle of course! A new double extension giving rise for a large family open space to the rear. New kitchen, bathrooms, windows, porch and log burner will fundamentally change how this house functions.

Full Refurbishment of this Property from a three bedroom Bungalow into a five Bedroom House, Netley.

A lovely project for the team. Once the roof has been removed, this will allow major steel work to be brought in to create a new first floor to this property. The project also include four bedrooms upstairs with en-suites, new windows, bathrooms, a conservatory and a separate orangery. A major project with very tight access, but 'nothing we can't handle'.

Double Storey Extension, Locksheath

What a lovely plot this is. Huge garden area. So, we are removing the conservatory and building a double storey extension in its place with a slightly larger footprint. A large glazed area on the rear to ensure they make the most of the garden. Open up to the new kitchen, expand the existing bedroom to create the ensuite.

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